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 Co-founded by Faisal Anwar and Siobhan O’Flynn, Plus City Design creates projects that provide insights into ...

social good, social change, art and innovation, with the goal to change how we perceive the interplay of physical and digital lives.

Siobhan is an artist, researcher and consultant engaged in the design of interactive narrative experiences across media and disciplines.

Faisal is an artist and interactive producer of hybrid cross-platform projects that use real-time live data, multilayer video projections, and social interactivity.



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+city creates projects that provide insights into social good, social change, art, innovation...

We explore the interaction of our physical and digital lives

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 +city thanks SSHRC & McLuhan100 for their
generous support. 

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Meet Our Awesome Team.

Faisal Anwar

Faisal Anwar is a digital media artist/ interactive producer / UI/UX expert (Toronto/ Pakistan). He is founder of an interactive art studio, DigitalDip and Co-founder Me A Monster Inc. His project series, Oddspaces, brings together art, culture and technology in an odd configuration to explore our perceptions towards architectural space, private or public spaces and social interactivity in modern urban cultures. He has shown at the Winter Olympics 2010, and performed nationally and internationally. www.oddspaces.ca www.faisalanwar.ca

Siobhan O'Flynn

Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn is an artist/academic/consultant and a Senior Lecturer, Canadian Studies, University of Toronto. She has published numerous articles and given keynotes and workshops around the globe on topics ranging from transmedia development & design, interactive/web documentaries, & disruptive innovations in a Web 2.0 world. She holds a SSHRC Insight Development Grant researching the impact of social media on public interaction during Toronto's Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.


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